Training Programme

Information Sharing Video

The Safeguarding Partnership continues to develop ways in which it raises awareness of key learning points from reviews and audits. A podcast was developed for Professional Challenge, feedback on this podcast has been really positive and following discussions in the L&D group, Chris Ashford and Martin Webster have developed another video on Information Sharing, another key area often identified in learning reviews and audits.  Please check out the link to our Information Sharing video;


Virtual College - Understanding Animal Welfare in Violent Homes

Virtual College offers this free online course for practitioners to understand the links between abuse of adults, abuse of children, domestic abuse, and animal abuse. This course will be of interest to professionals working with families with pets and will help them to recognise those at risk of physical and mental abuse.

This course is particularly appropriate to anyone involved with child protection services, children’s social care, adult social care and housing authorities. It is aimed at health professionals, police officers, teachers and education experts.

Understanding Animal Welfare in Violent Homes - click here to enrol


Virtual Training Update - updated 1 December 2020 

Darlington Safeguarding Partnership (DSP) has moved many safeguarding training sessions to an online or virtual basis as a result of the pandemic, and this will be monitored throughout 2021 in accordance with government guidelines.

The Partnership is committed to a culture of learning and although it is too early to say how COVID-19 will ultimately affect the way in which we deliver training, what it has taught us is the need to be flexible and ever-changing to help keep delegates and employees safe.  We continue to develop the training offer to ensure those working with children, young people or adults with needs for care and support have the necessary skills to recognise abuse and neglect and be confident in knowing how to report concerns.

Whilst we understand not everyone has the ability or facilities to attend Virtual Teams meetings, you can still access our e-learning packages for Level 1 child or adult Safeguarding. 

Level 1 Child Safeguarding Awareness Workbook [Word Document]

Level 1 Adult Safeguarding Alerter Workbook [Word Document]

Additional e-learning packages are available for you to access. Click e-learning packages

Multi-Agency Safeguarding Training

Training from Darlington Safeguarding Partnership will involve sharing knowledge about how to recognise concerns, develop confidence in sharing information with other agencies, awareness of some of the challenges presented by multi-agency working as well as the real benefits for working together to safeguard children and adults.

The training programme aims to provide a balanced mix of participants on the courses and workshops, and fully promotes multi-agency working. The programme provides valuable opportunities for practitioners to come together in a stimulating and safe environment, to share knowledge and experience, and to build those relationships that promote the well being and safety of children, young people and adults across Darlington.  The programme is updated to reflect any local learning identified through reviews and quality assurance activity. 

To book a place on training please contact:

Professional Challenge

The Professional Challenge Procedure and Practice Guidance has recently been revised to tighten up the procedure and incorporate additional guidance on how and when it should be applied, should there be a professional disagreement to support practitioners working across child and adult services. Read our updated Professional Challenge Procedure here; or listen to our 15-minute YouTube training video, discussing what is meant by the term 'Professional Challenge'; potential areas of disagreement, as well as procedures and guidance developed by the Partnership for effective challenge within Darlington. Listen here;

Darlington Borough Council Training Directory

In addition to multi-agency training, you may find alternative training and e-learning sessions on offer through Darlington Borough Council.  To access details, click on the link below to access the training directory.

Darlington Borough Council Training Directory [external link]

Training Strategy

The training programme is underpinned by the DSP Training Strategy which outlines our commitment to the delivery of training to agencies and is designed to support agencies and practitioners with an aim to increase skills and knowledge across the workforce. Training Strategy [PDF Document]

If you have an enquiry for training or have additional/specialist training requirements please contact the Safeguarding Partnership Business Unit at: or alternatively telephone: 01325 406452

Charging Policy

A charging policy is in place for all Safeguarding Partnership training courses.

Any organisation or group that does not contribute to the Safeguarding Partnership Budget will be charged when a member of staff attends a Safeguarding Partnership training course.

Details of the charges that apply are outlined in the charging policy and depend upon which agency/ organisation you work for.